Special Council Minutes 11-20-17

Special Meeting Minutes

City Hall

November 20, 2017

6:00 P.M.

Mayor Barbara Van Wyk called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Members present: Mark Herold, David Ernst, Brad Robbins and Jerry Alexander. Terry Fisher was absent.

A motion was made by Herold to approve the agenda. Second by Robbins. Ayes: All


Jeff Dickson spoke regarding the ditch on the south side of his house. The water is not draining properly and the culvert in the ditch is filled with debris.

He also requested that a sidewalk from the street to his sidewalk be added as currently there is none.

Mark Herold will go and look at the ditch to see if the culvert can be repaired or cleaned out to allow the water to flow correctly and report back to the Council.


The candidate for the part time maintenance position was unable to attend so the interview was not done.

A motion was made by Herold to advertise for the position in the Journal Express. Second by Ernst. Ayes: All


A motion was made by Robbins to approve the City Employee Health Insurance through Wellmark, Blue Cross Blue Shield. The City will pay $400.00 per month towards the premium with any remaining amount due paid by the employee. Second by Ernst. Ayes: All


Mayor Van Wyk requested the City Clerk review what the tax levy for employee benefits covers and report at the next council meeting.

She also requested that the Council review the current 28E Contract with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The City Clerk will print out the hours the MD Police Department has worked from August 2017 through current date to see how many hours they have covered.


Councilman Robbins informed the Council that Will Bauer with Musco Lighting is looking into Musco donating lights to use to light up the water tower and the fire station. He has not received an answer at this time. This will be added for discussion and possible action on the December 2017 Council Meeting Agenda.


A motion was made by Robbins to adjourn at 6:50 P.M. Second by Ernst. Ayes: All.

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Barbara Van Wyk, Mayor                         Karen J. Anderson, City Clerk