Council Minutes 6-12-17

Regular Council Minutes

Melcher-Dallas City Hall

June 12th, 2017

7:00 P.M.


Mayor Van Wyk called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Council Members Present:   Fisher, Herold, Ernst.   Robbins arrived at 7:20 P.M

Council Member Absent:   Jerry Alexander


A motion was made by Fisher to approve the agenda.  Second by Ernst.  Ayes:  All



A motion was made by Fisher to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of the approval of the May 8, 2017 and May 27, 2017 Council meeting minutes, approval of accounts payable in the amount of $49,129.87, approval of Cigarette Permits for Mason’s Auto, Casey’s and D & S Grocery, and approval of a Liquor License for D & S Grocery.   Second by Ernst.   Ayes:   All

Public Speaking:

A member of the community spoke regarding his bee operation and needing to put up a movable shed. No permit is needed. He also volunteered to help with any swarms that are reported.

Andrew Collins from MPO spoke regarding the Comp Plan for the City.  He will send the first few chapters for review and then will set up a meeting with the Planning and Zoning Board to review and make any needed changes in July. He also will assist in writing grant requests.

Coal  Miner committee has acquired their own insurance and will no longer use the City insurance.  They also requested to use some of the parking spots for the Food Vendors to set up.

A motion was made by Fisher allowing Sinners and Saints to block off the parking spaces in front of the building to use for a patio bar during Coal  Miners.   Second by Herold.   Ayes:  All.

The placement of a stop sign at the intersection north of the Catholic Church was denied.

Motion was made by Fisher to approve a resolution writing off as uncollectable three (3) accounts for delinquent water/sewer bills for properties located at 502 Church St, 413 NE 2nd, and 104 B NW Center.   Second by Herold.   Ayes:  All

Said resolution was numbered 2017-90.

Motion made by Fisher to hold a hearing regarding the abatement on the property of 306 NE 3rd ST, for Greg Vrban at the July 10, 2017 Council meeting.   Second by Robbins.   Ayes:  All

Motion made by Fisher to accept 50% of lien balances on the property at 102 NE 2nd.  Second by Herold.   Ayes:  All

Motion was made by Fisher to close the current Melcher water bill drop box and begin using the Library drop box. Second by Robbins.   Ayes:  All

Motion made by Fisher to purchase pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes.   Second by Robbins.   Ayes:  All

Motion made by Herold to accept the 28E agreement for Public Works Mutual Assistance with City of Des Moines Public Works Directors.   Second by Ernst.   Ayes:  All

Motion made by Herold that an Ordinance entitled, “Fireworks Ordinance amending Chapter 41 Public Health and Safety”, be given its first reading and placed on file, the same being an ordinance allowing the use of Fireworks in the City of Melcher-Dallas  from July 1 through July 8 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M.   Second by Fisher.  Ayes:  All

Said resolution was numbered 2017-91

A motion was made by Robbins to approve up to $3,500.00 to purchase a vacuum to attach to the mower to sweep leaves and grass.    Second by Fisher.    Ayes:   All

Motion made by Herold to close the two Library savings accounts and transfer the money to the General checking account.    Second by Fisher.    Ayes:   All

Employee evaluations will be held on June 19, 2017 beginning at 6:00.

Motion was made by Fisher to approve Robert Warrick to the Library Board.   Second by Herold.   Ayes:  All

Discussion was held on requesting Sealed Bids for City projects. The City Clerk will contact local contractors to see if they would be interested.

Council approved the City Clerk attending the Iowa League of City Annual Conference, in September.

Council approved placing an Epoxy floor in all rooms, (except Clerk office) in City Hall.

Discussion was held on employee insurance. City Clerk will contact the City’s lawyer to verify that the money will be able to come out of the 2018 budget. City will pay for the health insurance for the City employees, Dental and Vision coverage will be paid by the employee.    Will discuss the findings at the June 19th meeting.



Sewer:  The air conditioner needs to be replaced. Council approved to purchase a new unit. They have been adding microbes to help clean the lines.

Parks:   Gary will contact another roofing contractor to get an estimate.

Streets:   The concrete on the South side of the square needs to be repaired by the end of the summer. A patch will be done prior to Coal Miners.

Public Safety Report:   The Safety Grant has been approved to help pay the cost of the officer’s salary. Steve will apply for the new IA DOT grant for electronic speed signs. He will apply for 4 signs. The Coal Miners celebration is well covered with the City officers.

Fire Chief Report:   Zach Kelvig requested that any money left in their equipment fund be rolled over to the fiscal year. Approved

Library Board Report:   The first of the summer events is June 13, 2017 with The Science Center coming down to do a presentation. They will be having events every two weeks through August 8th. They have purchased new shelving units and have contacted the door company to fix the door damaged in the wind.

Mayor’s Report:   Matt Marsden is working on getting the address’ for any property that is needing to be cleaned up and the house is empty.  Once he has covered the entire city he will work with the City Clerk on which have already been notified and will begin the Abatement process. He also indicated the City can acquire some of the properties without having to pay any judgments.

The City Clerk will set a date with Mid American Energy for the meeting to discuss the franchise fee with the public.

Mayor Van Wyk requested we get the bill for Jacob Hoch’s academy expense so it can be paid in the current fiscal year.

Council’s Report:   Mark asked if anyone had heard of dogs running at large in the park.   No one has contacted City Hall at this time.

Robbins brought up the Verizon tower.  This is on hold with Verizon and may be in their budget for next year.



Motion made by Herold to adjourn the meeting at 8:50.   Second by Fisher.    Ayes:  All

___________________________                ____________________________

Barb Van Wyk, Mayor                                               Karen J. Anderson, City Clerk