Council Minutes 5-8-2017

Regular Council Minutes

City of Melcher-Dallas

May 8th 2017

7:00 P.M.


Mayor Van Wyk called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Roll Call:

Council Members Present:  Robbins, Alexander, Herold, Ernst, Fisher

Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the agenda, second by Robbins. Ayes: All


Approval of April 10, 2017 Council minutes.

Approval of May 1, 2017 Special council minutes

Approval of Claims from April 11, 2017 to May 8, 2017 in the amount of $28,183.53.

A motion was made by Robbins to approve the Consent Agenda, second by Fisher. Ayes: All

Sheriff’s Report:  A Marion County Deputy was present to review the time sheet showing the dates and time the County was patrolling in the city.

The time the County is helping patrol will be adjusted to reflect the time Jacob Hoch is on duty once he has completed the Academy.


Adam Wadle discussed the Sedlock property which has been sold. He explained that the septic system does work but does not know how well.

The ditches are setting full of water due to the sediment that has built up in them. We will check with the county to see if they will dig them out.

He also discussed vacating Beer Can Alley. The property has been sold and the new owners may want to have this done. Will also need to have the owner of the other property request this action.


  1. Group insurance for employees

This has been tabled until the May 23rd meeting in order to receive more quotes.

  1. $.50 per hour raise for Gary Comer for passing the Public Water System (Treatment 1 & Distribution 1)

Motion made by Fisher, second by Ernst to approve the raise for Gary Comer. Ayes: All

  1. Stop sign at the corner of SW 1st and SW C St.

This request has been denied. Do not feel there is a need.

  1. Cost for electronic sign.

This has been tabled at this time.

  1. Approval of Resolution for sewer and/or water lein.

Motion made by Robbins, second by Herold to approve Resolution 2017-86. Ayes: All

  1. Discussion of splitting the cost of the engineer for the old library between current fiscal year 2017 and next fiscal year 2018.

The est. cost is $8,000.00. The city can do a budget amendment to pay the cost. Will check the budget to see if the money is currently available.

  1. Approval of Resolution Reimbursement of Academy Training.

Motion made by Robbins, second by Terry to approve the resolution 2017-87. Ayes: All

  1. Resolution providing for reduction of interest rate for Water Revenue Bond.

Motion made by Fisher, second by Herold to approve the resolution 2017-88 for the reduction of interest rate. Ayes: All

  1. Fireworks within city limits.

Fireworks will be allowed within the city limits due to the time frame set by the state. If problems arise the ordinance will be reviewed for possible revision. This will be reviewed on May 23rd. If any changes made, the County Sheriffs office will need to be notified.

  1. Library would like paid floating hours to be able to have activities at night.

Discussion on how the hours will be used. Lori Davis was present and explained that these would be extra hours and not part of the current library hours. The new hours would be for programs at night.

Motion by Robbins to approve 20 hours starting July 1, 2017, second by Fisher. Ayes: All

  1. North Street culvert repair prior to seal coat.

The repairs have been approved for North Street. Council agrees that any repairs found by the City should be fixed and not wait until approved by the Council.

  1. Requesting Sealed Bids.

Will start posting ads for sealed bids for work hired by the City. Will need to be either per hour or per job. A proposal will need to be submitted. Karen will check with other cities to see how they word their requests.



  1. Set date for Public Hearing and approval of Amended Budget. Will need to be a special meeting

Motion made by Fisher to set the date of May 23, 2017, at 7:00 P.M. at the Melcher-Dallas City Hall, for the Public Hearing and approval, second by Ernst. Ayes: All

  1. Ditch mower/vacuum

Gary will get more information on the equipment and submit it to the Council for review.

  1. Truck Parking

Motion made by Fisher, second by Robbins to approve the final draft of the Truck Parking letter. Ayes: All



Water: No Report

Sewer: Request to check with Garden & Associates for a status on their work. Will add to the May 23,2017 meeting.

Parks: Repairs are needed on the shelter house. The doors and partitions for the restrooms need to be replaced at this time. Other repairs can wait. Gary will start looking for the doors and partitions to do these repairs.

Streets: Several pot holes need to be repaired. Council agreed to fix them as needed.

Public Safety Report: All 3 establishments that sell tobacco passed the underage sales test.  Steve will be going up to have lunch with Jacob and discuss his progress with his instructors.  Steve has also applied for a grant for the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau Grant (GTSB). If awarded it will begin on October 1, 2017 and is for staffing wages for traffic enforcement.

Fire Chief Report: Terry stated they are close to getting the new hand held radios for the Department to use. The equipment cost is $18,000.00 which they are getting for no cost.

Library Board Report: Lori Dhabalt-Davis further discussed the new programs that she has been requested to have.

Planning and Zoning Report: No Report

Board of Adjustment Report: No Report.

Mayor’s Report : Discussion on credit cards for the city. Iowa State Savings bank requires any one that will be using it have their credit checked and issued their own card. These cards will be stored in the office and taken when needed to purchase supplies or to travel for work. Steve Johns indicated that the card they use did not need to issue one to each person but issued one for the general City use and two for use for traveling. They also did not need to check anyones credit.  He is sending the information for us to review.

A request was made to have a shooting range for the Police Department to use for practicing. The Council agreed that they can use the lagoon.

Barb suggested that Karen shadow another City Clerk to see how they operate their office. Karen will check to see who uses the same system as ours and will contact them and set this up. Steve Johns also indicated that there is a Clerk School in Ames starting in July that is very good to learn all the aspects of the job.

Discussion on tree removal from City right of way. If the home owner does not want the tree removed they will be required to sign a waiver stating the City is not liable for any damages to their property if the tree falls.  Any wood from the tree will be taken to the dump and people can get it from there.

Council’s Report: Scrub trees are growing in the City right of way that need to be removed. The City will remove these as needed.

Mark discussed the County bringing in dirt to fill the hole when the school removes the asphalt. The county was told they could not bring dirt in. Council agreed they could bring in the dirt.  The City will not locate the fiber optic lines for the school.

David informed us that the Coal Miner’s Committee is having a flea market on the Saturday of Coal Miners. At this time it is unknown how many vendors.

Clerk’s Report: See clerk notes.


Motion made by Robbins, second by Herold to adjourn. Ayes: All

_______________________                      __________________________

Barb Van Wyk, Mayor                                     Karen J. Anderson, City Clerk