Council Minutes 4-10-17


Regular Council Meeting

Melcher-Dallas City Hall

April 10th 2017

7:00 P.M.


Mayor Van Wyk called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Roll Call:

Council Members Present: Herold, Ernst, Alexander. Council member Robbins arrived at 7:15 P.M.

Absent: Fisher

Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by Herold to approve the agenda, Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All. Motion carried.


Approval of March 13th and March 22, 2017 Council minutes.

Approval of Claims from March 14 – April 10, 2017 in the amount of $49,597.41.

Approval of liquor license for The Other Side.

Approval of liquor license for Dallcher legion Post #632.

A motion was made by Herold to approve the consent agenda. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes-All. Motion carried

Sheriff’s Report



Adam Wadle discussed the Sedlock property. This is with a realtor and there are issues with the septic system. The property is in foreclosure and the septic system does not have to be brought up to code as the septic tank passes the DNR and the county guidelines but it may empty into the creek. Should there be a city ordinance that does not approve. Adam will work with Cory Frank on the issues with the septic system.

Adam also asked about old wells on Gig Vrban and the Lehigh property needing to be filled in.



  1. Approval of .50/hr. Salary increase for Gary Comer for completing Water Treatment Course

Motion made by Herold. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

  1. Approve Proposed budget Amendment and set Public Hearing for May 8th for budget Amendment.

Motion made by Herold. Second by Ernst. Ayes-All. Motion passed.

  1. Approval of proposal from LL Pelling Co. for repair and seal coat for $27,342.45.

Motion made by Ernst. Seconded by Herold. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

  1. Delinquent accounts. How far back to try to collect, write off to bad debt or other write off.

Council decision is to bill all accounts with pass due amount after verification of who owns the property currently. Will start with accounts that the person has another active account.

  1. Approval of Change Order #1 Decreasing contract amount $8,037.36 for Culvert Replacement Project

Motion made by Herold. Seconded by Robbins. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

  1. Approval of Payment #2 for Vanderpool Construction $8,903.88 for Culvert Replacement.

Motion made by Robbins. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

  1. Resolution Accepting Culvert Replacement Project. Resolution 2017-85

Motion made by Robbins. Seconded by Herold. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

  1. Discussion & Possible Action for new computer for office. Estimate from Noftsger Computer $925.61

Motion made by Robbins once Data Tech has been consulted on that the software is compatible. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes-All Motion carried.

  1. Insurance for vicious dogs per 56.03

This has been addressed and clerk will send out the ordinance when we are notified of the dog.


  1. Discussion of Franchise Fee.

Public was present to discuss the fee and the impact it may have on the elderly and those on fixed incomes.

  1. Cell Phone Usage Consequences.

See clerk notes

  1. Truck Parking

Mayor Van Wyk drafted a letter to the truckers explaining the new fee and what it will pay for. Discussed approximate time the city workers will spend working on the parking lot. Action delayed until council meeting on May 8, 2017 due to 2 council members being affected.

  1. Discussion & Possible Action for Purchase of Mowing Equipment.

Ernst gave prices to purchase a new mower deck. Mayor Van Wyk gave the prices to purchase a ditch mower and box scrapper.

Motion was made by Robbins to approve the new mower deck ($2,200.00) and the box scrapper ($1,500.00). Delayed action on ditch mower until he speaks with Mike Damon. Seconded by Herold. Ayes-All Motion carried.

  1. Lehigh Property Lien & Title Search: City Clerk will contact the mortgage company to inquire if they paid the other judgments and/or leins.


                Water N/A

Sewer N/A

Parks N/A

Streets N/A

Public Safety Report: Jacob Hoch had no issues to report

Fire Chief Report N/A

Library Board Report N/A Library was unable to have their monthly meeting due to members unavailable.

Planning and Zoning Report N/A

Board of Adjustment Report N/A

Mayor’s Report : We need to finish with the property transfer from South Central Coop to the City.

Currently have 2 Trickle chargers, 1 for the police department and 1 being used at the wastewater plant. Will have Mike Damon order more.

Requested that 2 more live traps be purchased.

The county has proposed that they will plow the main road (S45) through town if the city will plow 60th Ave past the lagoon and west blacktop to the cemetery. Council agrees to do this.

The United Way is seeking a volunteer from this area to be on their board.

Council’s Report

Discussion regarding hourly breakdown for services being charged. Officer will obtain further clarification.


Clerk’s Report:  See Notes

Councilman Herold is going to speak to the school regarding the recycling and request the key.




Motion made by Ernst to adjourn. Seconded by Herold. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

__________________________                          __________________________

Barb Van Wyk, Mayor                                                       Karen J Anderson, City Clerk