Council Minutes 12-11-17


Regular Council Meeting

Melcher-Dallas City Hall

December 11, 2017

7:00 P.M.

Mayor Barb VanWyk called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Council members present: Mark Herold, David Ernst, Terry Fisher, and  Brad Robbins. Council Member Jerry Alexander was absent.

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the agenda. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of approval of the November  13, 2017 and November 20, 2017 minutes and approval of accounts payable in the amount of $41,559.10. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

Mayor Barbara Van Wyk was sworn in as Mayor for the term of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019 by Karen J. Anderson, City Clerk. Returning Council Member Mark Herold and New Council Member Chris Heaton were sworn in by Mayor Van Wyk for the term of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021.

Sheriff’s Report: No Sheriff report was given.

The Council discussed the keeping of a pot belly pig as a pet with information provided by the owners. The pig was a gift and has been kept in the house since 2014. Per the current Ordinance a pig is considered live stock and is not allowed within the City limits. There is a pending Court date regarding citations issued to the owner. A motion was made by Fisher to delay action on this until after the hearing.  Seconded by Robbins. Ayes: All

A motion was made by Fisher to approve adding pipe on the City right away to allow City water to be used at Shane Ripperger’s new home on Lover’s Lane with the stipulation that the same size pipe is used and if a 4” pipe is there currently a fire hydrant be added. Seconded by Robbins. Ayes: All

Cory Frank from the Marion County Health Department was present to discuss the septic system at 801 Grand Ave. The system at this time is not in working condition and if the property is purchased, a new system will need to be installed. He also discussed the well on Lover’s Lane that is abandoned. Council agreed to have this filled in with the County reimbursing the City up to $500.00 of the cost.

A motion was made by Ernst to move the Council meetings to the first Monday of the month and keep the 7:00 P.M. starting time beginning with the February meeting. Seconded by Robbins. Ayes: Fisher, Robbins, Ernst. Nay: Herold.

A motion was made by Fisher to appoint the Council to the Selection Committee for the procurement of a Grant Writer for the CDBG Grant. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

A motion was made by Robbins to set the time and date of 7:00 P.M., January 8, 2018 for a public hearing to be held for the application for State Revolving Funds to finance the sewer project. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

A motion was made by Robbins to approve a resolution entitled, “Resolution to Approve and Adopt Writing Off Bad Debt for Uncollectable Utility Bills”. Second by Fisher, Ayes: All

The above Resolution was adopted and numbered 2017-102

A motion was made by Fisher to delay action on the discussion of the renewal of the Sherriff’s contract to allow time for more information to be obtained. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

It was brought to the attention of the Council that there is a Christmas light that is not working across from the High School. City Clerk Karen Anderson will inform the Maintenance Department.

Police Chief Steve Johns reminded everyone that fireworks are legal from December 31 between the hours of 12:00 P.M and continuing through 1:00 A.M. January 1st. He also wanted to let the Fire Department know that during two fires in neighboring towns someone had tampered with the Rural Water storage and drained both systems.

Terry Fisher reported the Fire Department had another person pass the EMT training so they now have four EMTs on the Department.

Mayor Van Wyk brought up that she had gotten complaints about the vehicles parked at 605 SW Main St. They are blocking vehicles stopped at the stop sign from seeing if there is oncoming traffic. This was given to the Police Department previously. Chief Johns will check with Officer Hoch to see what he has done in regard to this.  She also informed the Council that the City has two new street lights. She also brought up the possibility of annexing properties that are currently using City utilities and any new properties that request the services. This will be added to the agenda for the January meeting.

City Clerk Karen J. Anderson informed the Council that one company has been here to tour the former library building and will send a quote on the cost to renovate the building. There is another firm that will be here this week and she has a call out to a third company. There is also opportunities for grant money to help with projects that the City is planning for the next year. One is from the Marion County Community Foundation. The Council would like to apply for funds to purchase either a flashing speed light or a digital sign to show what is going on in the Community. Karen will obtain prices and fill out the application.


A motion was made by Fisher to adjourn at 8:45 P.M. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All


___________________________     _____________________________

Karen J. Anderson, City Clerk                             Barbara Van Wyk, Mayor