Council Meeting 7-10-17

Regular Council Minutes

Melcher-Dallas City Hall

July 10th, 2017

7:00 P.M.

Mayor Barb Van Wyk called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Council members present: Mark Herold, David Ernst, Terry Fisher

Council members absent: Jerry Alexander, Brad Robbins

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the agenda with the change to move item number 5, discussion and possible action regarding Iowa State Savings Bank, to number one and all other items moved down. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the consent agenda consisting of Approval of June 12 and June 23, 2017 Council minutes and approval of accounts payable in the amount of $51,473.15. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All

A member of the public spoke regarding fireworks within the city limits. They felt the number of days and the hours were too long. Council member Fisher also felt this will need to be addressed before July 4, 2018.

Stu Jobe from Iowa State Savings Bank was present to review their plans for a temporary building to be placed on the lot next to Northcote Locker at 116 A St SE. It will take approximately two weeks for the building to be delivered. It is a self contained building that will only need water hook-up.  They will either move back into the current building or build a new building if necessary. Iowa State Savings Bank is committed to staying in the city.

A motion was made by Fisher to work with Iowa State Savings Bank in getting what is needed to help. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All.

A motion was made by Fisher to move forward with the municipal infractions on the property at 306 NE 3rd St. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All.

Discussion on the copier maintenance contract was delayed until next month. The City Clerk will get more information from other companies on cost and products.

A motion was made by Herold to approve the resolution authorizing the transfer of funds for FY2017. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All

The above Resolution was approved and numbered 2017-91.

A motion was made by Fisher to approve the resolution for the appointment of Dwight Biddle to the CIRHA board. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All

The above Resolution was approved and numbered 2017-92.

A motion as made by Herold to leave the salary at the current rate for Mike Hoch. Seconded by Fisher.  Ayes: All

A motion was made by Ernst to approve a $0.35 per hour pay increase for all City employees. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All

During the discussion on the Mid American Franchise Fee, Fisher questioned where the money will go. The money can be used for anything the City needs. It can be based on a percentage of the total fee assessed. This information will be explained at the meeting on August 1, 2017. The MPO plan will be reviewed to help make the decisions.


Fire Department:  Chief Zach Kalvig was present to thank the City workers for their help on July 4, 2017 during the fire on the square.

Water Report: The water plant provided 150,000 to 160,000 gallons to help fight the fire on July 4, 2017. The city will be on Rural Water July 15 2017 for work on the City water tower. Gary will get the number of gallons per foot that the stand pipe holds as requested by the Fire Department.

Sewer Report: The pumps are running above normal temperature. Discussion was held regarding adding outside vents to help cool the pumps. Gary Comer has been shutting them down during the day and then coming in at night to run the pumps.

Streets:  No date has been set to repair the concrete blow out on S45. It is being kept as smooth as possible at this time but will need to be completely removed and repaired.

Detour signs will be added to the square beginning July 25, 2017 to allow the Fire Marshall’s office to investigate the buildings damaged in the fire on July 4, 2017.

A sign has been ordered stating “No parking here to corner” to be placed on the South side of the park.

Public Safety Report: This year’s Coal Miner’s Day experienced no problems.  Jacob Hoch will graduate from the Police Academy on August 18, 2017.

Mayor’s Report: A complaint was received regarding parking on the south side of the park up to the stop sign. Gary will paint yellow no parking lines and will also add a “No Parking: Here to Corner” sign.

There are currently three open Semi parking spots in the lot up town.

Council’s Report:   City workers will order and add no parking signs across from the fire damaged buildings to help with the traffic until the street is re-opened.

It needs to be addressed with the County Sheriff regarding citizens being told they do not have anyone who can come over when they are called. There has also been County cars seen driving at extreme speed, with no lights or sirens.

It was discussed repairing the parking lot for the medical clinic. The citizens built the clinic and would like the city to help with repairs in the future. Will be further discussed at a future date.

Garden and Associates is currently working on the sewer plans.

The school crossing for the elementary school will need to be moved as it is currently at a driveway and not a sidewalk.

For new sidewalk construction the property owner is liable for the cost of the sidewalk adjacent to their property and the City is responsible for the cost of the sidewalk from the road to the property owner’s lot line.

The City Clerk is still working on getting names of construction companies that are interested in submitting bids for city work.

A motion was made by Herold to adjourn at 9:00 P.M.. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All


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Barbara Van Wyk, Mayor                          Karen J. Anderson  City Clerk