Dangerous Buildings – Resolution and Order



BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Melcher-Dallas, Iowa:

WHEREAS, notice has heretofore been served on the ___ day of ______________________, 20___, on (property owner’s name), through (agent’s name or “none”), agent, to abate the nuisance existing at (legal description and address) within ___ days from service of said notice upon the said (name of owner or agent); and


WHEREAS, a hearing was requested by the said (name of property owner or agent) and the same was held at this meeting and evidence produced and considered by the City Council;


WHEREAS, the said owner (agent) named above has failed to abate or cause to be abated the above nuisance as directed within the time set, and after evidence was duly produced and considered at this meeting, and said owner has failed to file a written request for hearing, as provided, after being properly served by a notice to abate;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the owner of said property, or said owner’s agent (name of owner or agent) is hereby directed and ordered to abate the nuisance consisting of (describe the nuisance) by (state action necessary to abate) within ___ days after the service of this Order upon said owner or agent; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the enforcement officer be and is hereby directed to serve a copy of this Order upon the said property owner or agent named above; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in the event the owner, or agent (name the owner or agent) fails to abate the said nuisance within the time prescribed above, then and in that event the City will abate the said nuisance and the cost will be assessed against the property and/or owner (owner’s name) at (address), as the law shall provide.

Moved by _____________________ to adopt.
Adopted this ____ day of ___________________, 20___.


City Clerk

Note: It is suggested by the blank space in the resolution that additional time be allowed the owner to abate the nuisance after the passage of the resolution before any action is taken on the part of the City to abate the same. In some instances, for the sake of public safety, the time element could be stricken from the resolution and immediate action be taken to abate the nuisance after the order is given.