Dangerous Buildings – First Notice



TO: (Name and address of owner, agent, or occupant of the property on which nuisance is located or the person causing or maintaining the nuisance).

You are hereby notified to abate the nuisance existing at (name location of nuisance) within ____ days from service of this notice or file written request for a Council hearing with the undersigned officer within said time limit.
The nuisance consists of (describe the nuisance and cite the law or ordinance) and shall be abated by (state action necessary to abate the particular nuisance).

In the event you fail to abate or cause to be abated the above nuisance, as directed, or file written request for hearing within the time prescribed herein, the City will take such steps as are necessary to abate or cause to be abated the nuisance and the cost will be assessed against you as provided by law.

Date of Notice: ________________________________

City of Melcher-Dallas, Iowa

By: ___________________________________________
(enforcement officer)