CHAPTER 91 – Water Meters




91.01 Purpose 91.07 Meter Repairs; Costs
91.02 Water Use Metered 91.08 Remote Reading Device Required
91.03 Fire Sprinkler Systems – Exception 91.09 Changing Location of Meter
91.04 Location of Meters; Remote Reading Device 91.10 Right of Entry
91.05 Meter Setting 91.11 Meter Testing
91.06 Meter Costs 91.12 Repairs Between Main and Meter

91.01    PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to encourage the conservation of water and facilitate the equitable distribution of charges for water service among customers.

91.02    WATER USE METERED. All water furnished customers shall be measured through meters furnished by the City and installed by the City.

91.03    FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS – EXCEPTION. Fire sprinkler systems may be connected to water mains by direct connection without meters under the direct supervision of the Superintendent. A detailed drawing of the sprinkler system shall be filed with the Superintendent and free access to the building shall be granted the Superintendent for inspection purposes. No charge will be made for water used for fire purposes through a sprinkler system.

91.04    LOCATION OF METERS; REMOTE READING DEVICE. All meters shall be so located that they are easily accessible to meter readers and repairmen and protected from freezing. All new meters installed shall be equipped with remote reading devices. All remote reading devices shall be placed not less than three (3) feet or more than five (5) feet from ground level.

91.05    METER SETTING. The property owner shall provide all necessary piping and fittings for proper setting of the meter including a valve on the discharge side of the meter. Meter pits may be used only upon approval of the Superintendent and shall be of a design and construction approved by the Superintendent.

91.06    METER COSTS. The full cost of any meter larger than that required for a single-family residence shall be paid to the City by the property owner or customer prior to the installation of any such meter by the City, or, at the sole option of the City, the property owner or customer may be required to purchase and install such meter in accordance with requirements established by the City.

91.07    METER REPAIRS; COSTS. Whenever a water meter owned by the City is found to be out of order, the Superintendent shall have it repaired. If it is found that damage to the meter has occurred due to the carelessness or negligence of the customer, then the customer shall be liable for the cost of repairs. In the event a plumber is called for any emergency repairs, and it is discovered by the plumber that the meter is out of order to such an extent as to cause property damage by leakage, the plumber will be permitted to remove the meter and deliver the same to the Superintendent for repair, but in no case will the plumber be allowed to repair the meter or to remove same from service except as above specified. In case a meter fails to register, the customer will be charged the average rate as shown by the previous readings of the meter when in order.

91.08    REMOTE READING DEVICE REQUIRED. In the event the meter reader is unable to gain access to read a meter for two (2) consecutive times, the Superintendent shall, after reasonable notice, cause a remote reading device to be installed at the expense of the property owner.

91.09    CHANGING LOCATION OF METER. The location of any water meter shall in no case be changed without permission being obtained from the Superintendent, and in no case shall water be used without a meter.

91.10    RIGHT OF ENTRY. The Superintendent shall be permitted to enter the premises of any customer at any reasonable time to read, remove, or change a meter.

91.11    METER TESTING. A customer may have the water meter serving his or her property tested by the Superintendent upon payment of a testing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). In the event a water meter tested registers four percent (4%) or more over the proper reading, the customer shall be given a refund equal to the overcharge for the prior billing period and the testing fee.

91.12    REPAIRS BETWEEN MAIN AND METER. Whenever any part of the service line between the main and the customer’s meter develops a leak, becomes out of repair or must be moved, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent to notify the property owner, legal agent of the owner, or the customer of the problem. If the problem is not repaired within forty-eight (48) hours after the notice, the Superintendent may discontinue water service until satisfactory repairs are made.