CHAPTER 52 – Weed Removal



52.01 Purpose 52.03 Action by the City
52.02 Cutting Weeds  

52.01    PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the destruction of weeds and other noxious growths within the City.

52.02    CUTTING WEEDS. The owner, occupant or agent of the owner of any premises shall destroy all weeds and other noxious growths and prevent further growth of the same upon any such premises and upon the parkings and alleys adjacent thereto so that such weeds and noxious growths do not become a breeding place for mosquitoes or harboring place of filthy deposits and a danger to the health of the community.

52.03    ACTION BY THE CITY. Any such growth not promptly destroyed and cut shall be cut by the City without notice to the property owner, occupant or agent, and having cut such weeds and growth, the person designated by the City shall return to the Clerk an itemized statement of the cost thereof, which shall not be less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) per lot, together with a legal description of the lot on which said weeds were cut. Upon filing the same, the Clerk shall first endeavor to collect the same, and if not collected within thirty (30) days, the Clerk shall cause the same to be assessed against said property and shall certify the same to the County Treasurer to be collected as other special taxes.