CHAPTER 146 – Storage of Explosive and Flammable Materials and Poisons



146.01 Storage 146.04 Placement of Gasoline Pumps and
146.02 Power to Regulate Lubricating Devices
146.03 Storage of Gas 146.05 Nuisances

146.01    STORAGE. It is unlawful to store petroleum products or gasoline in a quantity of more than twelve (12) gallons above ground within three hundred (300) feet of any dwelling or building within the City. It is further unlawful to store gasoline or petroleum products in excess of twelve (12) gallons and propane or butane gas in tanks of a capacity in excess of one thousand (1,000) gallons above ground within the City. However, it is permissible to maintain up to and including two of such tanks upon any one premises. Additional storage facilities may be permitted only with the permission of the Council. It is further unlawful to store anhydrous ammonia, liquid gases other than propane, butane and petroleum products within the corporate limits of the City without first making application to and receiving a permit granted by the Council.

146.02    POWER TO REGULATE. The Council is authorized to regulate and control the size and placement of above-ground storage facilities for gasoline, petroleum, gases, chemicals, poisons and other similar substances, and the Council shall reserve the right to refuse the storage of any of the foregoing within the corporate limits of the City.

146.03    STORAGE OF GAS. No storage tank of propane or similar gases shall be located within the corporate limits of the City closer than ten (10) feet to the nearest lot line.

146.04    PLACEMENT OF GASOLINE PUMPS AND LUBRICATING DEVICES. Pumps or other devices dispensing gasoline, diesel or similar fuels shall be located at least twenty (20) feet from any street line or highway right-of-way and all fuel oil and similar substances shall be stored at least thirty (30) feet from any street or lot line.

146.05    NUISANCES. All uses of land, buildings and structures or industrial processes that may be noxious or injurious by reason of the production or emission of dust, smoke, refuse matter, odor, gas, fumes, noise, vibration or similar substances or conditions, and all uses which may have been declared as a nuisance in any court of record or which may be unreasonably obnoxious, unhealthful or offensive by reason of the emission of odor, dust or noise are hereby prohibited.