CHAPTER 106 – Collection of Solid Waste



106.01 Collection Service 106.05 Bulky Rubbish
106.02 Collection Vehicles 106.06 Right of Entry
106.03 Loading 106.07 Collector’s License
106.04 Frequency of Collection 106.08 Volume-Based Fee For Solid Waste Collection

106.01    COLLECTION SERVICE. The collection of solid waste within the City shall be only by collectors licensed by the City.

106.02    COLLECTION VEHICLES. Vehicles or containers used for the collection and transportation of garbage and similar putrescible waste or solid waste containing such materials shall be leakproof, durable and of easily cleanable construction. They shall be cleaned to prevent nuisances, pollution or insect breeding and shall be maintained in good repair.

(IAC, 567-104.9[455B])

106.03    LOADING. Vehicles or containers used for the collection and transportation of any solid waste shall be loaded and moved in such a manner that the contents will not fall, leak, or spill therefrom, and shall be covered to prevent blowing or loss of material. Where spillage does occur, the material shall be picked up immediately by the collector or transporter and returned to the vehicle or container and the area properly cleaned.

106.04    FREQUENCY OF COLLECTION. All solid waste shall be collected from residential premises at least once each week and from commercial, industrial and institutional premises as frequently as may be necessary, but not less than once each week.

106.05    BULKY RUBBISH. Bulky rubbish which is too large or heavy to be collected in the normal manner of other solid waste may be collected by the collector upon request in accordance with procedures therefor established by the Council.

106.06    RIGHT OF ENTRY. Solid waste collectors are hereby authorized to enter upon private property for the purpose of collecting solid waste therefrom as required by this chapter; however, solid waste collectors shall not enter dwelling units or other residential buildings.

106.07    COLLECTOR’S LICENSE. No person shall engage in the business of collecting, transporting, processing or disposing of solid waste other than waste produced by that person within the City without first obtaining from the City an annual license in accordance with the following:

1. Application. Application for a solid waste collector’s license shall be made to the Clerk and provide the following:

A. Name and Address. The full name and address of the applicant, and if a corporation, the names and addresses of the officers thereof.

B. Equipment. A complete and accurate listing of the number and type of collection and transportation equipment to be used.

C. Collection Program. A complete description of the frequency, routes and method of collection and transportation to be used.

D. Disposal. A statement as to the precise location and method of disposal or processing facilities to be used.

2. Insurance. No collector’s license shall be issued until and unless the applicant therefor, in addition to all other requirements set forth, shall file and maintain with the City evidence of satisfactory public liability insurance covering all operations of the applicant pertaining to such business and all equipment and vehicles to be operated in the conduct thereof in the following minimum amounts:

Bodily Injury:  – $100,000 per person.

– $300,000 per occurrence.

Property Damage: – $ 50,000

Each insurance policy required hereunder shall include as a part thereof provisions requiring the insurance carrier to notify the City of the expiration, cancellation or other termination of coverage not less than ten (10) days prior to the effective date of such action.

3. License Fee. A license fee in the amount of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall accompany the application. In the event the requested license is not granted, the fee paid shall be refunded to the applicant.

4. License Issued. If the Council upon investigation finds the application to be in order and determines that the applicant will collect, transport, process or dispose of solid waste without hazard to the public health or damage to the environment and in conformity with law and ordinance, the requested license shall be issued to be effective for a period of one year from the date approved.

5. License Renewal. An annual license may be renewed simply upon payment of the required fee, provided the applicant agrees to continue to operate in substantially the same manner as provided in the original application and provided the applicant furnishes the Clerk with a current listing of vehicles, equipment and facilities in use.

6. License Not Transferable. No license authorized by this chapter may be transferred to another person.

7. Owner May Transport. Nothing herein is to be construed so as to prevent the owner from transporting solid waste accumulating upon premises owned, occupied or used by such owner, provided such refuse is disposed of properly in an approved sanitary disposal project.

8. Grading or Excavation Excepted. No license or permit is required for the removal, hauling, or disposal of earth and rock material from grading or excavation activities; however, all such materials shall be conveyed in tight vehicles, trucks or receptacles so constructed and maintained that none of the material being transported spills upon any public right-of-way.

9. Revocation of License. After giving a licensee two (2) days’ notice and after a hearing before the Council, the Council may revoke any license issued under this chapter for the following reasons:

A. The licensee has made fraudulent statements in the application for the license or in the conduct of business.

B. The licensee has violated this chapter or has otherwise conducted business in an unlawful manner.

C. The licensee has conducted business in such a manner as to endanger the public welfare, health, safety, order or morals.

10. Notice of Revocation Hearing. The notice shall be in writing and shall be served personally or as required for personal service by the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure. The notice shall state the time and place of hearing and the reasons for the intended revocation.

11. Effect of Revocation. Revocation of a license shall bar the licensee from being eligible for any license under this chapter for a period of one year from the date of revocation.


  1. The cost of collection of solid waste shall be negotiated between individual residents and approved waste haulers on the basis of the volume of waste placed for disposal. Nominal rates for solid waste disposal shall be for placement of two (2) containers of solid waste per week. Solid waste containers shall have a capacity of not more than thirty-five (35) gallons per container and a total weight of not more than seventy-five (75) pounds when filled. Additional residential containers placed for collection shall be collected by the solid waste hauler at a rate to be negotiated by the resident and the solid waste hauler.

  2. Commercial business collection shall be based on volume of containers necessary for adequate storage of waste materials and frequency of collection. Rates for collection of waste shall be negotiated between business owners and approved waste haulers on the basis of the necessary level of service.