2014 Water Quality Report

Notice to Citizens of Melcher-Dallas, Iowa, Marion County

The City of Melcher-Dallas will not be distributing the 2014 CCR Water report by mail. Copies of the CCR report can be obtained at City Hall. You may also review this report at the Melcher-Dallas post office, Melcher-Dallas Public Library, Iowa State Savings Bank (Melcher-Dallas location), or HERE

Swimming Pool Enclosures Per Ordinance 165.21 Section 8

A. Definition. The term “swimming pool” as used in this section means any artificial body of water that is capable of holding a depth of twenty-four (24) inches or more.

B. Regulations. All present swimming pools that fall under the description given in paragraph A that do not have some kind of fence around them and any hereafter constructed outdoor swimming pools shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall at least six (6) feet in height. A building permit must be obtained for both the swimming pool and the fence. Such fence or wall shall be non-climbable and shall be constructed and maintained so that the enclosed pool is as inaccessible to small children as is reasonably possible. The bottom of the fence shall be at grade with no clearance between the bottom of the fence and the ground along the entire perimeter of the fence. Each fence shall be constructed with rigid frames at both the top and bottom of the fence and with vertical slats separated by a gap of no more than one quarter (¼) inch. All persons constructing such a swimming pool shall so enclose the same before commencing to fill the pool. All swimming pools, including any attached decks, may not be closer than five (5) feet to any property line or easement line. As used in this subsection the term “fence” shall be interpreted to include walls and fences constructed of wood or approved chain link. The regulations contained in this subsection (Swimming Pool Enclosures) are in force only for this subsection and do not conform with other zoning ordinances pertaining to fences.

C. Gates. All gates or doors opening to the swimming pool shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device with locking provisions for keeping the gate or door securely closed at all times when not in actual use.

D. Liability of City. Nothing contained in any provisions of this section shall be construed to impose liability on the City or any of its officials for the design or maintenance of a fence or wall or gate or door openings or the waiver of any requirements of this section.

New City Codes & Ordinances

The Melcher Dallas Ordinances were adopted on July 14, 2014, and they are up to date and current on this website. Just click the ‘City Codes’ link above. The first page contains all of the links, including an extensive ‘Index’ link – and on the right side of each page there are additional links for each Chapter.

The City Of Melcher-Dallas

The latest available estimate (2012) by the U.S. Census Bureau of Melcher-Dallas’ population is 1289.

Located in Marion County, Melcher-Dallas is approximately 32 miles South East of the state capitol Des Moines.

We are also:
25.5 miles SE of Indianola
15.8 miles SW of Knoxville
25 miles SW of Lake Red Rock
45 miles NW of Rathbun Lake

Dallas was established in 1845, and was first called Ohio, because many of the early settlers that came to work in the coal mines were from the state of Ohio.

Melcher was established directly south of Dallas in 1913, and named after one of the Rock Island Railroad’s executives.

The two towns merged in 1986 and celebrate ‘Merger Day’ each May.

Home of the MD Community Schools Saints, our K-6 building is in Dallas and 7-12 building is in Melcher.